Adapter kit Mercedes-Benz M113K – BMW M57N ZF GS6-53DZ

Mercedes-Benz AMG M113 Kompressor to BMW M57N M57N2 ZF GS6-53DZ 6-speed manual code HGD (BMW e60 530D) adapter kit.

We are aware of the importance of the perfect fit for our parts. Therefore, at the design stage, a specialized measuring arm is used for all measurements. The resulting outline in detail (accuracy 0.01mm) is reflected in the engine block – it also facilitates further work on creating the adapter.

We do not use half measures, each of our parts is designed in a CAD environment and we use highly specialized CNC machines to produce it.

We take care of every detail, and we confirm our quality with the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate

See how our projects are created step by step:

To choose the right adapter for your engine, check the bolt pattern on the crankshaft. For the M113 and M113K engines, the bolt pattern can be different. Check your flexplate OE!!

The full adapter kit you can found on our online store :