Based on many years of experience and the advanced technological process we created complex tuning car parts production technology. That is why we are able to offer the best quality and reliable products. We pay extra attention to every step of the production to ensure that the final product meet all the original requirements and is perfect for its function.

#1 A new concept

The technological process in PMC Motorsport begins with the recognition of a problem. At first, we try to identify problem and then plan the best way to solve it. A simple example of such a situation is when the modified engine generates so much power and torque that it is too much for the original gearbox. In that case, stronger gearbox should be installed to handle the power of the new engine. Unfortunately, stronger gearboxes hardly ever can fit, therefore a set of parts is necessary to make this modification possible. Similar problems may occur with suspesion and many other modifications and all of them require improvements.

#2 Analysis and Concept Solution

Proper diagnosis is an important element in the process of production flawless and safe car parts. As soon as the need has been recognized, we can start working on the solution. We analyze the function of the part and decide what modifications are necessary to make it work better. Next, we create tools to adapt it to our solution. In the case of the gearbox, we decide what parts are necessary to connect it with the engine, keeping in mind all the modifications of the clutch and other elements.

#3 Survey

In order to create the most optimal project of new car parts, we must gather as much information as possible. Therefore it is time to make some measurements. At that point, we set the criteria the car part must meet. For example, the torque that the clutch should transfer. Next, we measure all the interconnecting parts to fit them together perfectly with the new part.

#4 Design

Before the process of parts designing, we must adjust our concepts to the strict requirements. By creating a model of the part we may decide of the size, fit it to the other parts and start making first virtual tests. For 3D designing, analysis, and cataloging we use a special program.

#5 Making a prototype

Making a prototype is part of the creation process we pay special attention to. It shows us that the technological concept we made it possible to produce. During this step, we establish the production technology, create programs for CNC lathes, choose the right tools and measurements and plan quality control procedures. Once all the elements are ready we can start the production.

#6 Testing

We begin testing phase with checking if our prototype fits its designated place and if there are no problems with assembling it. Next, we test its functionality to make sure that the car part works perfectly well and meets all the criteria. Finally, we install the part in a test car to see if it works well during test drives.

#7 Production

Starting serial production is the final of the technological process. At this point, the most important thing is the quality control of the PMC Motorsport products. It assures us that all the criteria have been met and that our customers receive top quality products. We also make sure that our products are carefully packed and shipped. Last but not least, we try hard to keep a positive atmosphere in contact with our clients.

PMC Motorsport Production Process | M113K - M57N