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PMC Motorsport company meets the needs of private customers and companies alike making high quality and durability car parts. Our products are praised not only by domestic companies but also by foreign customers. We create products that allow our customers completly profesional and safe car modifications in order to create a completly unique vehicle and to modify it to drift. Our company uses completly new technological and tuning solutions by adjusting the manufactured parts to every car individualy.

The cooperation with PMC Motosport guarantees the purchase of the right, professionally manufactured parts which are precise and faultless. We follow all the European standards by maintaining our own production line with the newest technologies. 

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    Based on many years of experience and advanced technological process we created complex tuning car parts production technology. That is why we are able to offer best quality and reliable products. We pay extra attention to every step of the production to ensure that the final product met all the original requirements and was perfect for its function.  

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    Our goal is to develope the world of drifting. Therefore, we do not focus only on making car parts but we make one step further. We are enthusiasts of this impressive sport and we support it all the time.


Adapter Kit Honda K K20 K24 - MAZDA RX8
MAZDA RX-8 5 / 6 Speed

Set includes:

Adapter Plate to fit Honda K engine with Mazda RX8 Gearbox

Custom Lightweight Flywheel for Honda K to Mazda RX8 Mondeo 

Central slave cylinder with pipe and tee

Aluminium adapter for the central slave cylinder

All bolts included



Stage 2 745Nm | Adapter Kit Toyota JZ 1JZ 2JZ - 350Z 370Z
Nissan 350Z Z33 CD008 CD009 / 370Z Z34

Set includes:

Adapter Plate to fit Toyota JZ engine with Nissan 350Z/370Z Gearbox

Custom Lightweight Flywheel for Toyota JZ to Nissan 350Z/370Z Single Disc

Clutch single disc 250mm Competition Clutch CC-6073-1620

All bolts included



Race Stage 2 1300Nm Adapter Kit Toyota JZ 1JZ 2JZ - BMW GS6-53DZ HGD

Set includes:

Adapter Plate to fit Toyota JZ engine with BMW M50-M57N Gearbox

Custom Lightweight Flywheel for Toyota JZ to BMW M57N HGD Tilton STEP

Clutch triple disc Tilton 7,25" 66-003XX STEP Type

PMC sintered Tilton disc 

All bolts included

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