Product ID: F0M57-M113 + K0M57-240-M113 + SACHS 952

Stage 1 650Nm | Adapter Kit Mercedes Benz M113 - BMW GS6-53DZ HGD

BMW M57N M57N2 GS6-53DZ HGD ZF 1067401060 1067401016 SINGLE
Price EUR (incl.VAT)979.00EUR
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  • Features
  • Engine ListMercedes Benz M113 (
  • Gearbox ListBMW M57N/M57N2 GS6-53DZ HGD ZF 1067401060 1067401016
  • ClutchSachs 3000 951 952
  • Bolt tightening torqueSame like OEM flywheel (Mercedes service manual)
  • Max torque650Nm / 479,25 lb/ft
  • Bolts included
  • Exchangeable friction surface
  • ISO Certyfikate
  • Made in EU
  • Part IDF0M57-M113 + K0M57-240-M113 + SACHS 952

PMC adapter kit (adaptor kit / set / adaption system / swap kit / conversion set ) for Mercedes Benz M113 engine -  BMW M57N GS6-53DZ HGD 6-speed Diesel Gearbox


The full adapter kit is designed for the Mercedes Benz M113 engine with BMW M57N GS6-53DZ HGD gearbox conversion.

The solution gives an opportunity to use very durable BMW gearbox. Great for use in Motorsport.

Due to measurements, our parts (gearbox adapters and custom flywheels) prevents damage to the clutch improper alignment of the engine and transmission.


The kit includes:

  • Adapter Plate to fit Mercedes Benz M113 engine with BMW M50-M57N Gearbox
  • Custom Lightweight Flywheel for Mercedes Benz M113 to BMW M57N M57N2 GS6-53DZ HGD gearbox for a Single Disc 
  • Clutch Kit single disc 240mm BMW Sachs 3000 951 952
  • All bolts included

The flywheel is equipped with a spigot bearing, so you don't have to use an extension for an input shaft! All of our flywheels are designed to work with the original flexplate, thanks to the fact you can easily mount original starter.


Mercedes Benz engines list:

  • M113
  • Does not match to M113 compressor

BMW gearboxes list:

  • BMW M57N M57N2 23.00 7522205 GS6-53DZ HGD (THGD) 1067 010 003  ZF 1067 401 060 1067401060 ZF 1067 401 016 1067401016

BMW OEM 23 00 7 522 205 / 23 00 7 565 218 


TEST: 650Nm / 479,25 lb/ft

Quality confirmed by ISO certificate

PMC motorsport parts are designed, produced and tested in EU.

The top quality is assured by use certified the EU materials, CNC machining park and high technology measuring arms in the designing process.



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