Product ID: F0350-LS

Gearbox adapter Chevrolet LS (F0350-LS)

Nissan 350Z / 370Z
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  • Features
  • Engine General Motors Chevrolet LS7 / LS3 / LS1 (Small Block)
  • GearboxNissan 350Z / Nissan 370Z
  • MaterialAluminium

The adapter plate designed for Chevrolet LS engine with Nissan 350Z/370Z gearbox conversion. The solution gives an opportunity to use very durable and easy to find Nissan gearboxes. Great for use in Motorsport or change an automatic transmission in a daily car to manual. This adapter plate requires a custom flywheel. 

Our parts (gearbox adapters and custom flywheels) prevents damage to the clutch due to improper alignment of the engine and transmission.

The kit includes:

  • Aluminium adapter plate
  • All bolts required to assemble your engine and gearbox  

Engine list:

  • Chevrolet LS 1
  • Chevrolet LS 3
  • Chevrolet LS 7

It fits manual gearboxes of:

  • CD001
  • CD005
  • CD006
  • CD007
  • CD008
  • CD009
  • 320B0-1EA0A

!!! For Perfect fit, you need custom Flywheel !!!

Some models of the engine may have a problem with the position of the starter in our adapter. Use a starter Powermaster XS Torque Starters 9509 or replacement.

PMC Adapter Plate is designed, produced and tested in EU. The highest quality is assured by the EU materials, CNC machining and high technology measuring arms used in the designing process.



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