Product ID: PSE36-6C-P

ENGINE MOUNTS / Polyurethane (PSE36-6C-P)

BMW E36 E46 Z4
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  • Features
  • Dedicated toBMW E36 E46 Z4 6CYL
  • Hardness90ShA (red)
  • Sold As2 pics.
  • MaterialAluminium and Polyurethane

Engine Mounts for BMW E36 E46 6CYL. CNC lathed and engraved in aluminium 2017A. Designed to keep rigid the engine and improve the throttle reaction for the rear wheels. Tested in Motorsport

Harder replacement of OEM:

  • 22 11 6 779 970
  • 22 11 1 095 444
  • 22 11 6 771 361
  • 22 11 1 095 444
  • 11 81 1 092 583
  • 11 81 1 140 985

The kit includes:       

  • Two Engine Mounts for BMW E36 6CYL
  • Four Nuts
  • Four Washers

Fit to:

  • BMW E36

320i M52 Cabrio, ECE
323i Cabrio, ECE
323i Cabrio, USA
325i Cabrio, ECE
328i Cabrio, ECE
328i Cabrio, USA
323ti Compact, ECE
320i M50 Coupé, ECE
320i M52 Coupé, ECE
323i Coupé, ECE
323i Coupé, USA
325i Coupé, ECE
325is Coupé, USA
328i Coupé, ECE
328i Coupé, USA
320i Limousine, USA
320i M50 Limousine, ECE
320i M52 Limousine, ECE
323i Limousine, ECE
325i Limousine, ECE
325i Limousine, USA
328i Limousine, ECE
328i Limousine, USA
320i Touring, ECE
323i Touring, ECE
328i Touring, ECE

  • BMW E46

320Ci Cabrio, ECE
323Ci Cabrio, ECE
323Ci Cabrio, USA
325Ci Cabrio, ECE
325Ci Cabrio, USA
330Ci Cabrio, ECE
330Ci Cabrio, USA
325ti Compact, ECE
320Ci M52 Coupé, ECE
320Ci M54 Coupé, ECE
323Ci Coupé, ECE
323Ci Coupé, USA
325Ci Coupé, ECE
325Ci M54 Coupé, USA
325Ci M56 Coupé, USA
328Ci Coupé, ECE
328Ci Coupé, USA
330Ci Coupé, ECE
330Ci Coupé, USA
320i Limousine, USA
320i M52 Limousine, ECE
320i M54 Limousine, ECE
323i Limousine, ECE
323i Limousine, USA
325i Limousine, ECE
325i M54 Limousine, USA
325i M56 Limousine, USA
328i Limousine, ECE
328i Limousine, USA
330i Limousine, ECE
330i Limousine, USA
320i M52 Touring, ECE
320i M54 Touring, ECE
323i Touring, USA
325i Touring, ECE
325i M54 Touring, USA
325i M56 Touring, USA
328i Touring, ECE
330i Touring, ECE

  • BMW E85

Z4 2.2i Roadster, ECE
Z4 2.5i Roadster, USA
Z4 2.5i M54 Roadster, ECE
Z4 2.5i N52 Roadster, ECE
Z4 2.5si Roadster, ECE
Z4 3.0i Roadster, ECE
Z4 3.0i M54 Roadster, USA
Z4 3.0i N52 Roadster, USA
Z4 3.0si Roadster, ECE
Z4 3.0si Roadster, USA

  • BMW E86

Z4 3.0si Coupé, ECE
Z4 3.0si Coupé, USA

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